Electric Coconut Grater Scraper Shredder 120V 100Watts Wise

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Scraping coconut is a big hassle. So, Wise Innovations has introduced the electric Wise Coconut Grater Scraper Shredder. Equipped with a 100W motor - 120V for US usage, the scraper ensures a powerful performance every time and offers a new experience of scraping a coconut, thus making life a lot more pleasant in the kitchen. 

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Anti-Tilt Switch: This button is like a bridge connecting the kitchen surface to the machine’s base. And if the machine is not placed properly on a flat surface, the Anti-Tilt switch ensures that the machine wouldn’t start for safety purposes.

Suction Knob: It creates a firm grip at the base by allowing the air to exit and locking the scraper to the ground. This way it gives an absolute stability to the machine; thanks to its anti-skid technology.

Power Button:  A dual purpose button, the primary function of this button is to switch on the machine. It also allows you to select the desired speed of the blades according to your need.

Press Switch: It is a very important button when it comes to scraping a coconut as well as safety. The “Press Switch” ensures that the machine functions only when attended by a user, and stops immediately when the switch is released.

Blade: The Wise Coconut Scraper has an 8-part blade. The blades have been constructed using high-quality food-grade stainless steel, ensuring quality and reliability.

Blade Holder: The Blade Holder plays a key role in making the machine compact and safe. It is used for attaching and detaching the blade onto the machine.

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