Brass Nataraja Statue Idol Sculpture 21" Large

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"Because You love the Burning ground, I have made a Burning ground of my heart - That You, Dark One, hunter of the Burning ground, May dance your eternal dance."
~ Bengali Hymn~

In Sanskrit, Nata means dance and raja means Lord. Shiva therefore is the 'King of Dancers'. There is an interesting legend behind the conception of Shiva as Nataraja. This is the four-armed Nataraja as it is best known; Shiva as the destroyer of ignorance, pattern of the cosmos and guide to liberation. Buy this antique Brass Nataraja Statue Idol Sculpture online from Spice Range and get delivered free to your home.

Specifications: Weight: 20Lbs     Height: 21”     Width: 18”

Spice Range Promise: 100% certified brass product crafted by the finest artisans and sourced directly from India. Product may vary slightly in size and color as it is handmade. Additional photos/videos provided upon request.

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