Iron Tadka Pan Cookware

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Are you looking for iron cookware which enhances taste as well as lasts longer? You reached a prodigious place. Say no to nasty teflon now. Iron Tadka Pan Cookware is a rounded and deep bottomed pan used for frying, searing and browning foods. It is designed for lower heat cooking method. These are ideal for making those dal tadka, idli chutney tadka, sambar tadka. Metal spoon friendly and designed to make your cooking faster and convenient, this heavy duty iron tadka pan kadai is a must-buy for your kitchen.

Limited Quantity! Pre-seasoned! Ready to use!

Specification: Diameter - 6 inch, Height - 2.5 inch


Free of Chemicals

Cast Iron cookware does not have harmful chemical coatings giving an authentic taste and aroma to the food cooked in them.

Add Iron to Food

Cast iron transfers some amount of iron into the foods being cooked in it.

Naturally Non-Stick

Cast iron cookwares that is well-seasoned becomes non-stick naturally. With each use, you'll see the performance get better and better.

Retains Heat longer, Durable & Tough

Keeps the food warm & fresh for longer. Cast iron is made to last a lifetime. Treasured asset that can be bequeathed to generations.


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