Saura Painting Framed Wall Canvas Art Décor

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Saura artform reflects everyday life of the tribal people: agrarian and hunting activities as well as depiction of music and dance during the festivals. Saura paintings are geometric in style, but with a fishing net-like approach within larger characters. These are different from the Warli tribe paintings where the insides of characters do not have the Saura net-like approach. The Warli figures are also more linear compared with the Saura figures. It is an eye catching composition due to time given into the details of each figure by the artist. It is made with lot of diligence & patience. Order online hand painted Saura Painting Framed Canvas Wall Art Décor for home décor from Spice Range and get them delivered home.

Ready To Hang Wood Framed Canvas Size: Length: 12inches   Width: 13inches

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