Antique Brass Swinging Ganesha Statue Large Idol Sculpture

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Lord Ganesh is the hindu god of beginnings with an elephant head and is worshipped for wisdom and success. This statue depicts Lord Ganesh on a swing with a floral arch supported by Yalis at the sides, and a Kirtimukha face atop. The pedestal of the swing is beautifully designed and Ganesh is enjoying himself on a swing with his upper two hands holding an ankusha (goad) and a pasha (noose), while his lower right hand shows abhaya mudra. His left hand holds a sweet delicacy. His vahana the mouse is present at the pedestal. The stunning inlay work throughout the statue gives a splendid appearance to the Jhoola. Buy this beautiful decorative Antique Brass Swinging Ganesha Statue Large Idol Sculpture online from Spice Range and get delivered home free.

Specifications: Weight: 20Lbs    Height: 18”    Width: 16”

Spice Range Promise: 100% certified brass product crafted by the finest artisans and sourced directly from India. Product may vary slightly in size and color as it is handmade. Additional photos/videos provided upon request.

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